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How To Index Backlinks In Google

A non-indexed backlinks is no backlinks . No matter how many backlinks you create in a day until they got indexed by Google.In this short tutorial, you will learn how to index backlinks in Google Fast and Free ( and manually ). You can use our tool to make backlinks instantly .But they will not improve your search engine ranking until Google index them.

So indexing your backlinks is more important than making high quality backlinks A Taste What will you learn in this tutorial:

  • How to Index each backlinks Fast and
  • Which method is completely waste of time.
  • Does pinging works or not?
  • Hidden and secret tricks to get backlinks indexed without pinging or anyother software . Yes it is free.
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Your website isn’t going to attract online traffic unless your backlinks are indexed by Google. However, getting backlinks from other niche-related websites is probably the most difficult process of Off-Page Optimization. How to check backlinks indexed by Google? There is one simple way. Just go to Google and search If the result comes than your links got indexed else not.

But what to do when you want to check indexation many backlinks and don’t have time? Here is a free solution. Simply go to this free tool (click: and paste your all backlinks in bulk.

It will find out that how many backlinks have been indexed. Another question comes to many bloggers that why backlinks are not getting indexed in Google ( or web webmaster )? The answer is very simple because Google couldn’t find your backlinks.In webmaster tool, you only see the backlinks which have been indexed by Google. Google never indexed low-quality links.So there is no benefit to buying bulk backlinks from Fiverr or seoclerk . So How to Index Every backlinks Fast? Just Keep On Reading … Here 5 ways to index your backlinks in Google (All are free).

1. Google submit URL: This is the best ways to index your backlinks.Simply search “google submit URL” and submit the URL of your backlinks. Here is the example:

2. Pingbomb : One thing I will like to clear that pinging can’t index your backlinks . So here is the solution (and replacement) of pinging called .

What does this tool do? It auto-magically creates 105 free backlinks to your site or page, then it ping them too! Means it create 2nd tier links and ping them. By this method, half of your backlinks will index.

3. Web2.0 Method: It has high indexation rate. You just need to create a .blogspot blog and write a very short post like:

This is latest reddit submission : naked-url–of-your-backinks-goes-here.html This is my digg submission : This is my lates comments : This is my new event of imfaceplate : ……………….

It means that you need to create a list type post than use your google search console and Use “Fetch as Google ” tool. By this method, your all backlinks will index.

4. Backlink Indexer Software: There is also another method to index backlinks but none of them works so good as above method works. However, if you have many sites, blog or micro niche websites than you need to use software to save your time.You can use paid software like index nuke .

5. Social Signals: Another method you can use social signals and social bookmarking for your backlinks. You can also use fake social signals for your backlinks.

The Full Process In Short Version:

  1. Use Google Submit URL.
  2. Use Web 2.0 Method
  3. Ping Bomb your link only one time.
  4. Drive Social Signals.
  5. Make your backlinks high quality so Google automatically index them.
  6. Use backlinks indexer software if you want to index links in bulks.

One more important thing if you want to rank fast in Google you need to index your links as early you can!!!